Welcome to Keyrus Biopharma

Joining Keyrus Biopharma gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents and potential, to build up experience through missions at clients, with the opportunity to grow depending on your capabilities and affinities, in a great working and dynamic atmosphere.

We employ women and men sharing the following values that are behind our success:

  • Respect for commitments
  • Corporate spirit
  • Continuous quest for quality of service
  • Focus on targeted areas of expertise
  • Close working relationships with the client
  • Continuous monitoring of our areas of expertise in order to provide innovative solutions for our clients



Diversity of skills and experiences, a keystone for Keyrus Biopharma’s success

  • Company contacts : list of values departments:
    • Clinical & Business operations
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Biometry
    • Quality Assurance
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • Medical&Scientific Writing
    • Medical Affairs
    • Health Economics/Epidemiology
    • Manufacturing/supply chain

  • Job Categories – list of values : same as above.

Job offers and internships

France Keyrus Biopharma
Stage Technicien d'Etude Clinique Cardiologie H/F -
Published: 3 days ago
France Keyrus Biopharma
Coordinateur d'Etudes Cliniques Oncologie H/F -
Opportunité à pourvoir en CDI en Ile de France au sein du département Consulting.
Published: 5 days ago
France Keyrus Biopharma
Biostatisticien Senior Nantes H/F -
Opportunité en CDI à pourvoir au sein de nos équipes FSP à Nantes
Published: 18-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Programmeur SDTM Nantes H/F -
Opportunité en CDI à Nantes à pourvoir au sein de notre FSP (centre de service). 
Published: 18-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Biostatisticien Pré-clinique H/F -
FSP (Functional Service Provider)
Published: 17-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Regulatory Project Manager H/F -
Opportunité en CDI au sein du Département Consulting de Keyrus Biopharma.
Published: 07-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Data Manager Sénior H/F -
Opportunité en CDI au sein du Département Consulting de notre société.
Published: 07-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Chargé Affaires Réglementaires Aquitaine H/F -
Opportunité en CDI en Aquitaine à pourvoir au sein du Département Consulting.
Published: 07-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Technicien de maintenance automatisme H/F -
Opportunité en CDI, en Ile-de-France, pour le département Consulting.
Published: 07-06-2019
France Keyrus Biopharma
Responsable Assurance Qualité Dispositifs Médicaux H/F -
Opportunité en CDI en IDF sud (91) à pourvoir au sein du département consulting. 
Published: 06-06-2019
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